And the Meak shall inherit the Earth

The Mages Prowess
Can they make it?

The Gathering of the Magi: The College Fanatic: Alexander Visentine *Follows the Path of Mastigos, has joined the Order of the Mysterium

Magical Prowess: Disciple of Space, Apprentice of Mind and Prime, and an Initiate of Time.

Punk Rock Star Frank Niels, Follows the Path of Acanthus, has joined the Order of the Free Council

Magical Prowess: Disciple of Fate, Apprentice of Time, and an Initiate of Forces

The play boy Eian Kessler (no longer playing) Follows the Path of Mastigos, has joined the Order of the Free Council.

Magical Prowess: Apprentice of Time and Mind, and an Initiate of Spirit and Forces

The Amnesia Patient Euwin Bigsby, Follows the Path of Moros, has joined the Order of the Silver Ladder

Magical Prowess*: Adept of Death, Apprentice of Matter, and Initiate of Spirit


The youngest of these pre-magi was the prudish bookworm. He sat in History class on this day and swooned over his school sweetheart. But at that moment he was startled by the moment of weightlessness as the pages of his text book seemed the flash past his eyes. And that’s the last thing his human eyes saw. His spirit escaped from his shell; traveling at unregistered intervals of speed until his specter becomes one with the Primal Wild, the Realm of Totems where the Watchtower of the Stone book is located. He wakes in the nurse’s office spackled with what could only be remnants of his own vomit down his shirt. A cold compress to his forehead, as a cool breeze caresses his sweat slick face. His mind now completely turned in on itself and reshaped to the real vision of his existence. He now walks the Path of Thyrsus.

Moving up the ladder of education and age you have the college student, turn relic fanatic. He seemed to be built to harness the supernal flow, but what knowledge and study may benefit him now but that may not be all it takes to be a mage with gravity all his own. He reluctantly beginnings his morning in the college library organizing books, and other odd jobs. His mentor of sorts, Giles McDarwin, Professor of Anthropology and Ancient Text, and Library manager; has set him to do some odd jobs for him for the day. As he starts stacking returns he starts to get a slight headache, which travels from his forehead and then all the way down to his toes. Pain and gasps of breath lead to a collapse of mind and body…but his soul is very much alive as it springs from his body and into the lands of Nightmares. Pandemonium takes over his senses and he becomes one with the Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet. He awakens on his back on the desk in Giles office. Giles looks over him and smirks. He says “And this is the beginning, leaving a large book on his chest with an odd sigil, that surprising to his eyes, he can understand. He now walks the path of Mastigos.

...Death and darkness is his world, and he would have thought that he could never have awoken from it. A withered body lay lifeless in a hospital bed, connected to what seemed like every wire known to science. A machine pumps his lungs, and keeps his vitals regulated. They have been doing this for the past 4 weeks. His body is like a pin cushion as the scars about his body have healed but still leave there marks. What has this man been through? His eyes slightly cracked open as if watching something but every far away. Time and fate seemed to curse him to this existence, but a magi’s body is much more resilient then the normal blood bag. His mind can never stop, it can only be slowed, and soon or later the brakes will in themselves break. His Eyes burst open as blackness pours from there sockets. His mouth opens wide as the machines go frantic, and then stop. He wakes in a room unfamiliar to himself, in cloths unfamiliar to himself, in a body unfamiliar to himself. His name, he knows Euwin, His age he knows, 25, but his past and his present are now figments of an imagination his mind cannot comprehend. A raven perches itself outside his window, tapping its beak in repetition, and waiting to be let in. The Mage, shocked into reality opens the window…and learns what he can learn from a bird who speaks words…

The mages learn what they can from some unlikly folks, and soon harness what they know as the basic understands of there new magical heritage. Frank focuses his knowledge on the threads of Fate and how they bind one another, peaking his interest by gaining the power of luck on his side, while cursing other who spurn him, and his love for music. Fate works well for Frank because it allows him to see wha could happen if he decided to get tore up tonight…Decisions decisions. In this time Ronda Ramsey, his Master in the arts has been helping him along the way, showing him the path to enlightening the Sleepers, and how to bring magic into their world.

Alex has been taken under the wing of Giles McDarwin, his orginial mentor who shows him the mysterys of Space, and Time. All the while, Alex engorges himself in the tales and relics stories of the Mysterium. For him nothing has really changed as he thinks his mind; already full to bursting just evolved and converted its new found knowledge into the ability to craft magical energies.

The Beginning

The best discription to offer of these soon to be magi, and their comming of age story is to tell you the moment of. BUT i feel its not that privy to the tale at hand. The playboy felt a moment of nausaea, and then a stent of dizziness that left him sprawled on his bathroom floor, as he made the trip to Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet, in Pandemonium the realm of Nightmares. He awoke filled with the knowledge of how the world turns, the powers over mind and space reveal themselves to him in a moment of pure clarity. He is now Reborn on the Path Of Mastigos.

The Rock star sits in a cafe listening to the stories of his band mates, while nursing a terrible hangover, and night in lock up. But his mind and feelings are all over the place, and he seems to have taken on a terrible sweat. His mind is stronger then most; even while submerged in drugs and alchol he takes the transformation from human meat, to mystically transformed human meat. His spirit passes into Arcadia, the Realm of Enchantment where the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn resides. In but a moment he returns to his state of being, amongst his friends in a trash dinner. But now he is see’s how the world connects to persons, and places as teh threads of fate wrap themselves about one another, and have things move forward and backwards in time. He is now Reborn on the Path of Acanthus.

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