The World of Darkness is a damaged, perverted, horrific, and maybe even enlightening version of our own world. Where Shape-shifting horrors hunt the wilderness, and even our own city streets; waiting for the right moment to strike. Or where the visage of man is corrupted, and morphed into the walking undead, as they feast on the life’s blood of the innocent. And then there we’re the Awakened, humans born, or gifted with the ability to removed the metaphysical veils over their eyes, and witness the intricacies of the Fallen World. Mages, able to warp time andspace, give the power the bring life from death, or death from life. Calling of the Supernal Knowledge, and the flow of Mana through this god forsaken world, they have come to change fate, and to guide the long dead and their restless spirits. They will not be stopped, for there minds can mimic and shape your thoughts; even causing the earth to give up its secrets, shaping matter to its very will. And what is more fearsome then to have a walking conflagration headed your way as the mage converges the very forces of nature and the elements to his wise will. But this episode is not so cut and dry, with these Awakened Mages and there unlimited power, comes great and terrible responsibility. This world still has rules, for its not as it was in the beginning of time, before time was even a concept. When the worlds were one, a heavenly existence…but that tale is for another time… This one takes place in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, on a day like any other day. A group of men and even kids have, by chance or fate, if you can even believe in such a warped ideal has gathered in this small town. The Struggling musician, the mouse-like teen, the college know-it-all, and the pampered playboy. Each one experiencing something different in it’s their own way. Be it headaches, nightmares, dizziness, or even a good trip gone bad, they all feel like something’s a little off today.

And the Meak shall inherit the Earth